MacDermid Autotype offers a wide range of innovative specialist coating and blended liquid solutions


MacDermid Autotype is fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001

One of the many definitions of quality is sustainable excellence. After over 140 years of continuous commercial operations at the leading edge of industrial innovation, you can be sure of our commitment to quality.

We have been running a Quality Management System (QMS) at Autotype since 1987 and were fully accredited by the BSI Quasar scheme in 1988 (certificate number Q5870).

Over the years the Quality Management System has developed extensively to comply fully withdevelopments in BS EN ISO 9001 and other formal standards such as QS9000 (please refer to the BSI’s accredited companies guide for details on certification). We are fully accredited to the new QA standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

At MacDermid Autotype, quality means a dedication to continual improvement in all areas.

Quality Assurance And Customer Satisfaction

It is the declared intention of MacDermid Autotype to supply products to the printing, graphics and electronics industries which have met professionally researched design and application requirements and are manufactured to standards ensuring consistency of performance which meet the full requirements of the customer.

The Company shall strive to produce accurate advertising, product information and punctual delivery of goods coupled with effective after sales service, market research, accurate documentation and an ongoing product improvement programme. We shall provide the resources to identify our customers full requirements and endeavour to assess and enhance customer satisfaction wherever possible.

It is our policy to ensure that the top level of management is involved in quality and customer satisfaction issues and that our objectives are regularly monitored and assessed to provide continual improvement of the Company’s Quality Assurance Management System.

The Company shall operate an effective and suitable professionally managed Quality Assurance System which meets the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 British and International standard for Quality Management Systems.

Quality is a responsibility of every member of staff and is appropriately reflected in their job profiles and the Company's Performance and Development Review system.

Peter Levinsohn
Peter Levinsohn President

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